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Chiang Khan….Thousand Smiles of Little District Destination : Loei Category : City & Suburban living

Chiang Khan, a small district in Loei province, is a very popular attraction because of the traditional lifestyle and wooden houses.  This place has similar surroundings as Pai, but it is more quiet and peaceful. You can enjoy not only the quaint surroundings, but also numerous temples such as Phra Phutthabat Phu Kwai Ngern (registered as an ancient monument in 1935), Sri Khun Muang, an old and venerable wat decorated in Lan Na and Lan Xang styles and Phon Chai or Tha Khaek, an old temple near the Mekong riverside with ancient and holy Buddha images.



A great day trip is Kaeng Kud Ku (Kud Ku Isle) which is located in the middle of theMekongriver. The rapids attract those daring to ride the currents. I recommend you to go there between February to May because of the low tide when you can easily  see the island.



Phu Thokis another attractive place in Chiang Khan. It is a small mountain to the south of the town. From this  viewpoint you can see the majestic beauty of theMekongRiver, Sanakham inLaosandKaengKudKuclearly. The best times to go there are in the winter and rainy seasons because you can see  the mountain mists which are very stunning and romantic.



This is a great place to unwind. There are homestays rather than hotels, bicycles for hire for lazy exploration and if you get up early enough you can see Buddhist monks walking through the town so that the people can make donations and earn merit. Strolling through long streets of wooden houses in the fresh air, you will receive the smiles of the people who are always ready to welcome and make friends with tourists.

  How to get there

Bus: From Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (Mor Chit). Night Bus leaving Bangkok 20.00 pm and arriving Chiang Khan 05.00 pm by

Train/Bus: From Bangkok by train to Nong Khai by State Railways of Thailand. Bus from Nong Khai to Chiang Khan (see below).

Buses from Chiang Khan: Songthaew for Loei (1 hour) leave from Road 201 (opposite Shell gas station) between 5.30 am and 5.30 pm every 30 minutes. Songthaew for Pak Chom (1 hour) every 30 minutes until 17.00. From Pak Chom every hour buses to Nong Khai (passing Sang Khom, Si Chiang Mai, Tha Bo) until 15.30. The other way round: One bus leaves Nong Khai at 7.30 am, Sang Khom at 2pm, Pak Chom at 4pm and arrives in Chiang Khan at 6.30 pm. From Chiang Khan you can also travel by Songthaew to Loei and from there by Bus to Udon Thani (every 30 minutes, 3 and half an hour) and then from Udon Thani to Nong Khai.

Taxi from Udon Thani: We asked at the Limousine Service in Udon Thani Airport and got a taxi to Chiang Khan for 3000 Bath (around 2.5 hours). Udon Thani 24 Hour Taxi Meter offers the transport for 2200 Bath (phone 080 0101 354).

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Date 14 November 2014 Chiang Khan….Thousand Smiles of Little District

Chiang Khan, a small district in Loei province, is a very popular attraction because of the tradi

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